The Abaca plant is a species of Banana, once called Manila Hemp. It is indigenous to the Philippines. The plant grows to about 10 to 15 feet high. The stem grows to a height of 9-12 feet, 3 inches thick. When mature, it consists of 12-30 stalks, radiating from a central root system. Each of these stalks are 12-20 feet high, and they are the source of the strong fibers, which have been used to make rugs for centuries.

My factory is the first to weave this product. They are THE INVENTOR of this product, thus offering the most weaving options, and the HIGHEST quality Abaca rugs available. When the stalks are harvested, the weavers select only THE STRONGEST, MOST DURABLE of the materials to weave these rugs. However, the remaining poorer, "reject" fibers are sold to other manufacturers for production of lower quality, less durable, less sustainable Abaca rugs. So buyer be ware! Should you choose to purchase this product elsewhere, you will be sacrificing the quality, durability and longevity of this unique, beautiful product.

                                         Irish Matting 3" thick (with top and bottom bound edges)
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