From 2007, through 2011, Deborah was a sales representative for the International custom rug company, Edward Fields/Tai Ping Carpets. Working out of the Chicago, Illinois showroom, she collaborated with her clients on each project to help them design unique custom rugs for their discerning clientele. Each rug was created specially for its designated end use, and customized down to the design, size, color, fiber choice, quality and construction. The were all hand made, either hand tufted or hand knotted. Her clients were Interior Designers of the highest level, including the 2007 winner of Bravo's reality TV series, "Top Design."

The following rugs are copyright and property of Edward Fields/Tai Ping Carpets. 

This rug was hand tufted in a 450 weight, with a cut pile silk field, and loop sisal design.
This rug was hand knotted, in 80 knots per inch, in a ribbed construction. It consists of 50% low loop Tibetan wool, with 50% raised silk cut pile.
This rug was hand tufted in a 700 weight with carving. The flowers are 100% New Zealand wool, and the shaggy grass is a combination of silk, flax, and wool. This rug was featured in the Lake Forest Show house in Lake Forest, Illinois, in 2009.
This rug was hand tufted in a 450 weight, with a loop wool field (lighter gray) and a raised wool cut pile design (the darker gray.)
This rug was hand tufted, in a 500 weight, all cut pile, 100% wool.
This rug was hand tufted in a 450 weight, in 100% wool, with a raised, carved pattern.
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